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Author eLearning Courses

If you are looking for an easy way to create beautiful interactive eLearning courses and assessments for your students, look no further than our cloud-based Authoring Tool. Our comprehensive authoring platform gives anyone the ability to create interactive eLearning courses and assessments in no time.

Building Courses and Assessments

Cloud Authoring Tool

Our authoring tool is where your content is neatly organised in a single location. It is the central place where you can go to work on authoring eLearning courses and assessments for your students.

Structure your Course and Assessment

Use our mapping tool to quickly structure your eLearning content so it aligns nicely with the curriculum or your lesson plan. You can easily create custom learning paths that guide students in the right direction.

Deliver eLearning Content

Once your eLearning courses or assessments are created, your students can access them through our free eLearning App. Students will have all the eLearning material at their fingertips. Furthermore, students can track their own progress, gaining real-time insights into the areas they need to focus on.

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Track Class and Student Progress

Our Authoring tool integrates seamlessly with our progress tracking platform. This integration allows you to track student progress in real-time and visualise how students track against any eLearning course or assessment.

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Department or School-wide Deployment

Our Authoring Tool can be implemented across your entire school or department in a matter of minutes, giving every teacher the power to author world class eLearning content. Best of all, teachers who focus on the same subject area can work together, co-authoring interactive eLearning courses and assessments for a specific department or school.


No matter the size of your school, we've got a plan that will work for you.


< 5 Learners per Course

30 Authors per Course

150 Courses


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per teacher, per year

5,000 Learners per Course

30 Authors per Course

150 Courses


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Content Library

Visit our Content Library to buy ready-made eLearning packages for yourself, school, department or class. These packages are aligned to the curriculum and created by experienced teachers and publishers.

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Sell your Courses and Assessments

You can also sell your courses and assessments on our content library at the price points you set. Best of all, you can use our free plan to create eLearning packages. Click on the button below to learn more about our partnership initiative.

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