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eLearning App

Our free eLearning App is used by students and teachers around the world to access eLearning courses and assessments that are purchased through our Content Library or created with our Authoring Tool.

Learning Tracks

Learning tracks are at the centre of the eLearning App and are designed to guide students through subjects by starting with the basics. Learning tracks contain interactive quizzes, flashcards, study notes, practice questions and much more. Students can even track their own progress as they complete eLearning activities and quizzes. With Transformica's eLearning App, students will have all the learning resources needed to succeed.


You will love the eLearning App if your school is using Chromebooks in the classroom. Transformica's eLearning App further extends every Chromebook with quizzes, study notes, flashcards and much more.

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Content Library

Visit the Content Library to buy ready-made eLearning packages for yourself, school, department or class. Best of all, each and every package is modelled around the curriculum by a team of experienced teachers.

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Create your own Courses

Teachers can also create comprehensive eLearning courses and assessments using our cloud-based Authoring Tool.

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Easy Implementation

The eLearning App can be deployed across an entire school, department or class in a matter of minutes, giving every teacher and student access to eLearning courses and assessments.

Track Class and Student Progress

Transformica's eLearning App also integrates seamlessly with Progress Tracker. Progress Tracker allows teachers to monitor student progress in real-time and provides teachers with a visual summary of how students track against any eLearning course or assessment.

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